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Blog posts : "Transformation/Change"

Tips on shifting perspective

Life is ever changing. As you grow from childhood into adulthood, you experience many transformations along the way. Some shifts come quite easily. Many are gratefully welcomed. But still other changes are met with confusion, disappointment, regret, anger, or despair. Unfortunately, the more you str…

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Living a Worry-Free Life...

It's a natural human tendency to worry. We have been conditioned to do so virtually our entire lives. We worry about our kids, our job, crossing the street safely, having enough money to buy groceries or pay the bills, whether we are on the right spiritual path in life...and the list goes on and on.…

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Welcoming Change Into Your Life

It's so hard to believe that summer has gone, and Fall is upon us. It is a time of change...our children have returned to school, leaves are beginning to fall, and a crispness will soon be in the air. As such, it is a perfect time to reflect upon what changes we need to welcome into our own lives.…

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The Air of Transformation

There is an air of transformation afoot.  As our world and the people who reside here continue shifting in ever changing ways, I can't help but marvel at the beauty that is all around us.  It is true that some do not see this beauty or have been stagnant in life for so long while others have endured…

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