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Welcoming Change Into Your Life

It's so hard to believe that summer has gone, and Fall is upon us. It is a time of change...our children have returned to school, leaves are beginning to fall, and a crispness will soon be in the air. As such, it is a perfect time to reflect upon what changes we need to welcome into our own lives.

Some people have no trouble adapting to change. But for many others, change is quite difficult to accept. As human beings we tend to like things to be predictable. We like to know what to expect in life. Many of us become uncomfortable with sudden changes to our routines, our relationships, or our careers. In our minds, we carefully construct boundaries within which we want to exist and reject any attempts by outside forces to alter our world.

But sometimes, new energy and experiences come into our lives that we were not necessarily prepared to accept...a change in career, the ending of a relationship, a sudden move, the introduction of an unexpected challenge. Many of us greet these experiences  with  anger, frustration, sadness, or fear. Why me? Why now? Why this?

But truly, change is a constant in life, and it is a recurring part of nature and our very existence. The flower begins as a seed, but soon evolves into a beautiful lily. A building begins as concrete, wood, brick and mortar, or steel, and with hard work and dedication, it becomes a home. As humans, we grow and evolve from babies into adulthood not by chance, but by design. So it is clear, that just as it is with the natural development of all things, change will continuously come and go in our lives.

If we know that change is a natural part of life, a staple of our existence, what can we do to encourage the mind to more easily accept these changes so that we may evolve into a better version of ourselves? For many, this begins with a change in mindset, a restructuring of thoughts, a purposeful allowance of releasing the old and welcoming in the new. For every new beginning is preceeded by an ending, and with every ending comes an opportunity for a beautiful new beginning.

Let's start today! Let us set our intentions to welcome in the new beginnings that are coming our way. Let us release old thought patterns and habits that keep us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically stuck in the past, in unhealthy situations, or in an unfortunate state of arrested development, unable to move forward in a positive direction in life.

Beginning today, let's affirm:
I accept change into my life each and every day.
I welcome in all of the possibilities meant for me.
I release all outdated, stale, or negative thought patterns and habits that keep me from achieving my highest potential.
I release any emotional attachment to a situation or its outcome so that I have space for new experiences to flow into my life.
Whenever necessary, I consciously shift my thoughts to something positive in my life.
I release control over the outcome of situations in my life and make room for the highest good to come in.
I eagerly welcome the new beginnings in my life and see nothing but opportunity and happiness within them.

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