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Choosing love over judgment...

It’s easy to fall into the trap of judging another who is not like you…from the most basic aspect as hair color, financial status, or disability to the intangible constructs of ideas, dreams, desires, and beliefs. Recently, I was criticized…no, accused…of not being Christian…as if that is a requirement to even exist in this world. And it didn’t stop there. I was accused of talking to angels and the devil. Wait…what? These individuals had a copy of my Life Purpose book, complete with a stack of neatly paper clipped photocopied excerpts to prove their accusations. I did not argue with them…only observed their demeaning tone and long glances down their nose at me. For truly, what could I say that would change their minds?
I was surprised by the hostility, hurt by their perception of me, and yes, shocked that in the 21st century this form of bullying and persecution still exists. Perhaps that’s a little dramatic, but I want to make a point: Judgment need not be the foundation of our interactions with others. I admit, it took me a few days to process this event and clear myself of their negativity, and truthfully, I still have a little work to do. But, I send them love…as well as compassion and forgiveness for their ignorance. They clearly know nothing about me yet they stand in judgment of me. I cannot force them to change their minds, but I can choose to not be exposed to their negativity any longer. I can choose to send them love and pray that everything works out in their highest good. I can choose to ask God to soften their hearts and guide them down the path of love for all of God’s children, regardless of differences. I can choose to forgive. And, I can choose to continue being true to myself…to just being me.
You see, my faith is not up for debate. My personal relationship with God is my own. No one can dictate to me the qualities of any one religion, especially when they cast stones at all others. And truly, no one can assert that I am or am not a Christian or any other faith. For truly, each and every one of us defines our own faith. I understand that my spiritual path may not be the path another soul chooses. I accept this with grace and love and have come to understand that each soul has its own needs and desires regarding faith.
So today, I encourage you to stand tall in your faith... (continue reading here - )

A ripple of positivity...

Over the past month, there has been so much intense energy in the air! With the Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, 8-8 Lion’s Gate, Planetary Retrogrades, and so much more happening astrologically in August, I’ve noticed that emotions have run high and behavior seems incongruent in many ways. Some will say it is all coincidence while others will say it’s difficult to ignore the correlation between these events and the emotional/behavioral outbursts we’ve seen, both at home and across the globe. Regardless of the source, instead of giving in to these negative energies, we can choose to focus within. We can engage in self-reflection and discover how these energies affect us with the overall goal of minimizing any negativity that may abound and identify ways to infuse life with positivity.

So, with this in mind, I did just that, and during my self-reflection, I realized that my tendency to procrastinate was selectively elevated this month as I focused all of my attention on a new project. I found that so much of my time and energy was diverted into this one single project… (continue reading here - )

Your compassionate self...

Have you ever experienced the cycle of knowing you need to finish a project but distractions abound and you chastise yourself for not completing the task then dread the project altogether? This happened to me recently with so much activity and so many projects taking place over the summer that I wondered whether I would ever finish this newsletter before the end of July! Like so many others, I went through the cycle:

Knowing what needs to be done.

Getting distracted by external stimuli.

Self-condemnation for not completing the task.

Despair about whether the task will ever be completed.

What a chaotic cycle wrought with full-on negativity. Ha! With all the negativity already so prevalent in the world today, is it really necessary to create more? Certainly not, but the trick is finding a positive way to end the cycle... (continue reading here - )

Life doesn't always go according to plan...

June has been a beautifully busy month! I planned a quick trip to Florida to see my co-author, Karen Lovero, and take photos/videos for future use in meditations and spiritual messages. And, while not initially on my agenda, I ended up booking a workshop in Ft. Myers on Past Life Healing…how amazing is that?

This experience reminds me that sometimes life works out differently than we plan. Like me, you’ve likely been in this “boat” a time or two in your life, as well. Perhaps you made an elaborate plan only to find that some outside force stepped into your world for a moment and unraveled everything. Or maybe like me, your journey included a very specific goal, but you ended up adapting your plan to include other people or experiences, too.

Some people adapt to these changes quite easily while others struggle with the uncertainty. Personally, I walk a fine line between the two. On occasion I embrace the changes to my plans and recognize that there is some important lesson or experience that I need while at other times I struggle because I have put so much effort into scheduling and what I THINK is in my best interest.

However, over the years I have learned that it is so much more peaceful to flow with the changes and disruption to my plans rather than fight against them. Growing up, my mother was very much a scheduler, bless her heart. She thrives in this kind of environment and I learned to work with it, as well. However, upon marrying a man who thrives on “flying by the seat of his pants”, I had to learn to adapt, meet in the middle, and find some common ground so that my level of stress would not overshadow my enjoyment in life. In the almost 20 years of our marriage, I’ve learned to schedule and plan, but also to be open to change…aware of the possibility of outside forces…and willing to adjust my schedule, as necessary. As the old saying goes... (continue reading here - )

The spirit of adventure...

In April, I went on a grand adventure, traveling over 7,000 miles across the Western half of the United States. Along this journey, I had the honor of experiencing many magical moments…the peacefulness of the open plains, the majesty of the mountains, the power of the ocean, and the willfulness of the wind through the desert. I walked labyrinths overlooking the ocean and in the middle of a church courtyard. I felt the pulse of all life alongside an energy vortex. I encountered several owls meant to accompany me as spirit guides on this great adventure. I witnessed a plethora of twinkling stars on the darkest of nights. I walked among the rocks of a replica Stonehenge. I experienced the intensity of the waves at Thor’s Well, and so much more.

But what I brought back with me from this journey, what stands out for me the most, is the adventure. I traveled to places both known to me and unknown, and I went with an open mind and a spirit for this adventure. I was actively engaged in the journey, not just spinning my proverbial wheels, making it through another day, another week, another month, and yes…another year. On this adventure, I gained so much more.

But how many of us just push through life…existing, though not fully engaged in the magic all around us? How often do we lose sight of our spiritual path so that we can finish a project, drive the kids to their myriad activities, or try desperately to find time for some much needed sleep? It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane world, the boring routines of life, that we forget to enjoy each moment. We forget to venture out of our comfort zones, and we forget that life itself is truly an adventure.

Some prefer to stay close to home while others, like myself, enjoy traveling the world over. But, you needn’t even leave your own community to experience the adventures that life has to offer. All that is truly required is your initial intention followed by action of some kind. Your adventure can be as simple or as complex as you desire. Here are a few examples... (continue reading here - )

The power of visualization

Over the past few newsletters, we have been exploring techniques for shifting perspective. There are so many options for doing so, we need only choose one and let the shifting begin. So far, we have discussed thought creation, setting intentions, and releasing limitations. One of my favorite techniques is visualization. I don’t know about you, but I am a very visual person. I love the beauty and aesthetics of everything: the colors, textures, and lighting; nature, people, and architecture; patterns and how things fit together; the organization of items or groups; and of course, the flow of energy.

When using visualization as a technique for shifting perspective, we need only use the limitless creativity of our own mind…that ever-present imagination…to bring change into our lives. It’s simple, but society has made it seem so difficult. It’s somewhat of a travesty really. In childhood, we are taught to value our imagination, but as we move into adulthood, we are expected to be serious and leave our imagination behind to languish alone on the forgotten swing of some distant playground in our mind. Instead, we’re conditioned to approach life with logic and rationale.

Fortunately, we can change this. We can infuse every situation in life with that carefree and joyful approach we used in childhood, including moments when we need to shift perspective. Our mind has the power to change our moods on a whim. Why not harness this power when we need it?

Not sure where to begin? Let’s practice...(click here to continue reading - )


Time to let love in...

For many, February is celebrated as the month of love and romance. You see it everywhere: along the candy aisles, the floral shop, and in advertisements for romantic dinners. The mantra is the same every year: love is in the air. It has been marketed this way for as long as most of us can remember. As children, one of the first “angels” we encountered was really no angel at all, but rather the Roman god of romance …Cupid. We made valentine cards in primary school and decorated them with cute little cherubs with bows and arrows. Classrooms were filled with construction paper hearts in pinks and reds while cookies and cupcakes awaited excited little hands. We delivered our valentines with shy giggles, hoping the one we adored felt the same way, too.

But then, as we moved through life, we began to realize that this was not really the way “love” worked. A cherub doesn’t swoop down from the heavens to shoot an arrow of love into our hearts. Indeed, some found themselves in bad situations, failed relationships, or partnerships that weren't meant to be...searching, praying, bargaining, and hoping... 

While some found lasting love, others found only learning experiences. Many felt frustration as disillusionment began to set in. Some moved from relationship to relationship trying to find “the one”…their soul mate or twin flame...while others moved beyond the disillusionment only to live with indifference in their hearts. Unfortunately, still others fell into deep despair.

But this isn't necessary. Although myriad myths and legends about love abound, it's important to remember that love is a gift and a Divine right afforded to all of humanity. The Universe does not exclude anyone from this gift; rather, we choose to exclude ourselves. Some have a deep seated feeling of undeserving…or fear…or unworthiness…or embrace an overall limiting belief system.

For those who carry feelings that suggest you are not deserving, worthy, or good enough for love, it is time to release this baggage. For those who allow only negative relationships into your life because you feel that you cannot have anything better, it is time to release this, as well. And for those who fear love, it is time to put your trust in something bigger than yourself…confront your fear, and allow love into your heart.

But, for those who embrace a limiting belief system, we have a little extra work to do. Harboring a limiting belief systems means that you put restrictions and limitations on how, when, and in what form love comes to you. You may dictate the character and attributes of love, at times without even realizing you are doing so.

Additionally, you may wish to decide the time and location that love will appear. If this love isn’t convenient for you or does not fit into your timeline, then you may believe it is not an acceptable love. For example, you may say to yourself: after I graduate...once I pay off my bills...I only want someone who lives in my hometown.

Forgoing the limitations you have set does not mean you must settle for less than or second best, however. Instead, removing these limitations means that you put your faith in God’s hands…allow the Universe, Source, or the Divine to work out the details for you and have confidence that all will be done for your highest good.

Once you begin to understand what may be affecting your ability to attract lasting love in your life, it is important to set your intention. You might say: As of right now, I set my intention to welcome real love into my life.

Once you set this intention, commit to releasing past hurts and memories of failed relationships. For truly, these experiences represent not failure, but learning experiences…examples of what you do not want in your life so that you can welcome in what you truly do want in your life…real love. As you release the past, you will find that you have more room in your heart…and more space to welcome in the love you desire.

To encourage this process, you can pray, use affirmations, or offer spiritual requests to the angels…real angels such as Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love and peace or Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. An example  of such a prayer or request might include:

Please help me open my heart to love. Guide me to this love, and allow me to see the signs pointing the way. Remove from my path all illusions of love, all facades, all individuals who do not have intentions of the highest light. Remove from my mind all demands or limitations that I once harbored about this love. Illuminate for me only those hearts of pure intent. Help me welcome love into my life now and always. With love and gratitude...

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Setting Powerful Intentions...

The beginning of any new year brings to us new opportunities. It's a powerful time. We set goals for the next 12 months…all of the fabulous experiences we want to welcome into our lives…important areas we want to improve. Often, we get off to a great start. We head to the gym, change our diet, re-work our resume, begin a new hobby, or research how to quell that pesky addiction to shopping, for example. We’re certain that each of our goals are important, and we have good intentions to carry them through…but do we?


Unfortunately for many of us, we set ourselves up for failure. Instead of choosing goals that are meaningful for us individually, we set goals that are ultimately for someone else’s benefit. We want to lose weight so we can “keep” our partner or attract a new one. We want to quit smoking because the landlady prohibits it in her rental unit, and we’re tired of standing outside in the cold to smoke. We want a new job because our 10 year high school reunion is coming up, and we don’t want to look like a failure. We decide to take up guitar lessons because our therapist says we need some kind of a release in life.


We do a little research, make plans, pay the required fees or commitment of time, and start off down the road of disillusionment. Wait, what? Why disillusionment? Ah yes, disillusionment because we initially thought this goal was truly what we wanted. We ended up taking some steps in the process but somehow feel unfulfilled. Now, we resent the process, and the steps we’ve taken, because it isn’t working…we’re disillusioned.

Finally, after just a few short days or weeks, we abandon our goals altogether and justify it with a flippant, “Well, that’s not really what I wanted.” Exactly! If it isn’t what you want, my darlings…how can you possibly feel fulfilled by it?


So, let’s commit to taking some time to look at the goals we have set, to revising them and setting powerful new intentions, with the very first intention being: I honor myself and my desires. Let’s evaluate each and every goal we have set and determine whether it is a goal for us individually or a means to simply make someone else happy.

To illustrate this point, let's look at the weight loss example. Instead of saying we want to lose weight (with the unsaid motive being to “keep” or attract a partner), why not set the intention of being healthy for YOU. In doing this, you can affirm daily:

I am healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

I only allow healthy foods and substances into my body.

My body is completely balanced and in its most perfect state.

As you repeat these affirmations, your very words are a powerful reminder to your subconscious mind. And as you speak in the present tense, it is as if what you are saying is already so. You are setting the foundation for success and conditioning your mind to make it so. 


It doesn’t matter the goal you set, the only requirement is that you do it for yourself. Are you ready to set those intentions and commit to follow-through for YOU?


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Tips on shifting perspective

Life is ever changing. As you grow from childhood into adulthood, you experience many transformations along the way. Some shifts come quite easily. Many are gratefully welcomed. But still other changes are met with confusion, disappointment, regret, anger, or despair. Unfortunately, the more you struggle against these changes, the more discomfort you feel in your life. But there is always hope. You can shift the way you view these changes by creating change of your own…a change in your perspective. And truly, when you shift perspective, the way you view a situation or experience, you can shift your entire world. Are you ready to get started?

Over the next couple of newsletters, we will explore several techniques you can use to accomplish the goal of shifting perspective. There is no single “right” way so begin by first freeing yourself of any limitations or expectations about the process. Affirm: I welcome in all of the changes meant for me in this moment and release my ego need to control the outcome of this experience. Okay, great! Now let’s try out the first technique…one of my favorites!

Thought Creation – This technique involves changing your thoughts in the very moment of experience. Rather than dwelling or worrying about a negative situation in your life, transform your thoughts into something positive. Perhaps someone was rude to you at the grocery store. Or maybe you were served with a legal summons. Perhaps you did poorly on a project for school or work. Maybe you had car trouble or missed an appointment. Whatever the case, what is done is done. It is important to acknowledge this so that you may move forward. Allow the experience to come into your mind. You can express your feelings about it, but then let those feelings go. Do not allow them to linger. When we allow negative emotions to linger, we create stress, anxiety, and depression within ourselves…so, let them go.

Now, take a few moments to think about the facts of the situation from an objective (or higher) perspective. This means: take your emotions and your ego out of it. For some people, this is challenging. But stubbornly holding onto negative energy only hurts one person: You. From a higher perspective, what did you learn from the situation? What did it teach you? Perhaps it taught you what you do not want in your life. Or, perhaps it showed you a new way of doing something. If you struggle with finding anything that you learned, anything of benefit, anything that may be good from the experience, allow your mind to help you create something positive out of your experience.

Remember, your mind and your thoughts have incredible power…use them to your advantage! Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter where we will explore more fabulous techniques for shifting perspective!

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Living a Worry-Free Life...

It's a natural human tendency to worry. We have been conditioned to do so virtually our entire lives. We worry about our kids, our job, crossing the street safely, having enough money to buy groceries or pay the bills, whether we are on the right spiritual path in life...and the list goes on and on. What does this worry give us, though? What satisfaction or comfort do we derive from this worry? What benefit does it provide? For something  to which we give so much power, the answer is astonishingly...nothing.

Worry does does not provide comfort, satisfaction, or any benefit to us whatsoever. Instead, it adds to the spiral of negativity and despair in our lives. For truly, that which we worry about only becomes amplified as a result of our worry. Health issues often ensue: tension, nervousness, anxiety, and frustration on the one hand, which may lead to high blood pressure, insomnia, and weight loss or gain on the other hand, for instance. This worry is a function of fear, and this fear is derived from the unknown...what the future may hold for us...that which we cannot see or control.

Believe it or not, we don't need to live this way. We can choose to live fearlessly. As we approach life from a place of love, the worry naturally begins to dissipate. What a blessing! The question then becomes, how do we shift from a pattern of fear-based living to a new habit of living from a place of love without worry?

As we begin to live in the now, in this very moment, we need only set our intentions and take positive steps to create the life we desire.
Fortunately, we have many tools at our disposal. Choose the tools that work best for you and be willing to commit to this practice daily:
1. Have faith in yourself. You can do this! Know within your heart that you can live a worry-free life. Set that now.
2. Ask the angels for support and guidance. Be open to the signs they send to you.
3. Give your cares to God.
4. Take time to meditate so that you may transmute, or change, the energy of fear and worry into peace and love within your heart and mind.
5. Use affirmations designed to eliminate fear from your mind and reprogram your thought patterns. 
6. Get back to nature. Unplug for a moment. Take a walk. Clear your mind by observing the majesty of creation and the beauty that surrounds you.
7. Release control over the outside world. Holding on so tightly to the reigns is a burden. Allow yourself to move with the ebbs and flows of life, instead.    
8. Engage in activites designed to reduce the tendency to worry, such as exercise, drawing, writing, or some other creative or physical endeavor that you enjoy. 

The more your mind focuses on the creative or physical processes in life and the activities that you enjoy, the more positive your thoughts will become. And in the restructuring of these thoughts, you will find a decrease in the amount of time you spend worrying, dwelling on what is to come, or fearing the future. Instead, you will be well on your way to living in the present moment, living a worry-free life based in peace and love Let's embark on this journey today!

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