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Time to let love in...

February 11, 2017

For many, February is celebrated as the month of love and romance. You see it everywhere: along the candy aisles, the floral shop, and in advertisements for romantic dinners. The mantra is the same every year: love is in the air. It has been marketed this way for as long as most of us can remember. As children, one of the first “angels” we encountered was really no angel at all, but rather the Roman god of romance …Cupid. We made valentine cards in primary school and decorated them with cute little cherubs with bows and arrows. Classrooms were filled with construction paper hearts in pinks and reds while cookies and cupcakes awaited excited little hands. We delivered our valentines with shy giggles, hoping the one we adored felt the same way, too.

But then, as we moved through life, we began to realize that this was not really the way “love” worked. A cherub doesn’t swoop down from the heavens to shoot an arrow of love into our hearts. Indeed, some found themselves in bad situations, failed relationships, or partnerships that weren't meant to be...searching, praying, bargaining, and hoping... 

While some found lasting love, others found only learning experiences. Many felt frustration as disillusionment began to set in. Some moved from relationship to relationship trying to find “the one”…their soul mate or twin flame...while others moved beyond the disillusionment only to live with indifference in their hearts. Unfortunately, still others fell into deep despair.

But this isn't necessary. Although myriad myths and legends about love abound, it's important to remember that love is a gift and a Divine right afforded to all of humanity. The Universe does not exclude anyone from this gift; rather, we choose to exclude ourselves. Some have a deep seated feeling of undeserving…or fear…or unworthiness…or embrace an overall limiting belief system.

For those who carry feelings that suggest you are not deserving, worthy, or good enough for love, it is time to release this baggage. For those who allow only negative relationships into your life because you feel that you cannot have anything better, it is time to release this, as well. And for those who fear love, it is time to put your trust in something bigger than yourself…confront your fear, and allow love into your heart.

But, for those who embrace a limiting belief system, we have a little extra work to do. Harboring a limiting belief systems means that you put restrictions and limitations on how, when, and in what form love comes to you. You may dictate the character and attributes of love, at times without even realizing you are doing so.

Additionally, you may wish to decide the time and location that love will appear. If this love isn’t convenient for you or does not fit into your timeline, then you may believe it is not an acceptable love. For example, you may say to yourself: after I graduate...once I pay off my bills...I only want someone who lives in my hometown.

Forgoing the limitations you have set does not mean you must settle for less than or second best, however. Instead, removing these limitations means that you put your faith in God’s hands…allow the Universe, Source, or the Divine to work out the details for you and have confidence that all will be done for your highest good.

Once you begin to understand what may be affecting your ability to attract lasting love in your life, it is important to set your intention. You might say: As of right now, I set my intention to welcome real love into my life.

Once you set this intention, commit to releasing past hurts and memories of failed relationships. For truly, these experiences represent not failure, but learning experiences…examples of what you do not want in your life so that you can welcome in what you truly do want in your life…real love. As you release the past, you will find that you have more room in your heart…and more space to welcome in the love you desire.

To encourage this process, you can pray, use affirmations, or offer spiritual requests to the angels…real angels such as Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love and peace or Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. An example  of such a prayer or request might include:

Please help me open my heart to love. Guide me to this love, and allow me to see the signs pointing the way. Remove from my path all illusions of love, all facades, all individuals who do not have intentions of the highest light. Remove from my mind all demands or limitations that I once harbored about this love. Illuminate for me only those hearts of pure intent. Help me welcome love into my life now and always. With love and gratitude...

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Setting Powerful Intentions...

January 7, 2017

The beginning of any new year brings to us new opportunities. It's a powerful time. We set goals for the next 12 months…all of the fabulous experiences we want to welcome into our lives…important areas we want to improve. Often, we get off to a great start. We head to the gym, change our diet, re-work our resume, begin a new hobby, or research how to quell that pesky addiction to shopping, for example. We’re certain that each of our goals are important, and we have good intentions to carry them through…but do we?


Unfortunately for many of us, we set ourselves up for failure. Instead of choosing goals that are meaningful for us individually, we set goals that are ultimately for someone else’s benefit. We want to lose weight so we can “keep” our partner or attract a new one. We want to quit smoking because the landlady prohibits it in her rental unit, and we’re tired of standing outside in the cold to smoke. We want a new job because our 10 year high school reunion is coming up, and we don’t want to look like a failure. We decide to take up guitar lessons because our therapist says we need some kind of a release in life.


We do a little research, make plans, pay the required fees or commitment of time, and start off down the road of disillusionment. Wait, what? Why disillusionment? Ah yes, disillusionment because we initially thought this goal was truly what we wanted. We ended up taking some steps in the process but somehow feel unfulfilled. Now, we resent the process, and the steps we’ve taken, because it isn’t working…we’re disillusioned.

Finally, after just a few short days or weeks, we abandon our goals altogether and justify it with a flippant, “Well, that’s not really what I wanted.” Exactly! If it isn’t what you want, my darlings…how can you possibly feel fulfilled by it?


So, let’s commit to taking some time to look at the goals we have set, to revising them and setting powerful new intentions, with the very first intention being: I honor myself and my desires. Let’s evaluate each and every goal we have set and determine whether it is a goal for us individually or a means to simply make someone else happy.

To illustrate this point, let's look at the weight loss example. Instead of saying we want to lose weight (with the unsaid motive being to “keep” or attract a partner), why not set the intention of being healthy for YOU. In doing this, you can affirm daily:

I am healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

I only allow healthy foods and substances into my body.

My body is completely balanced and in its most perfect state.

As you repeat these affirmations, your very words are a powerful reminder to your subconscious mind. And as you speak in the present tense, it is as if what you are saying is already so. You are setting the foundation for success and conditioning your mind to make it so. 


It doesn’t matter the goal you set, the only requirement is that you do it for yourself. Are you ready to set those intentions and commit to follow-through for YOU?


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Tips on shifting perspective

November 6, 2016

Life is ever changing. As you grow from childhood into adulthood, you experience many transformations along the way. Some shifts come quite easily. Many are gratefully welcomed. But still other changes are met with confusion, disappointment, regret, anger, or despair. Unfortunately, the more you struggle against these changes, the more discomfort you feel in your life. But there is always hope. You can shift the way you view these changes by creating change of your own…a change in your perspective. And truly, when you shift perspective, the way you view a situation or experience, you can shift your entire world. Are you ready to get started?

Over the next couple of newsletters, we will explore several techniques you can use to accomplish the goal of shifting perspective. There is no single “right” way so begin by first freeing yourself of any limitations or expectations about the process. Affirm: I welcome in all of the changes meant for me in this moment and release my ego need to control the outcome of this experience. Okay, great! Now let’s try out the first technique…one of my favorites!

Thought Creation – This technique involves changing your thoughts in the very moment of experience. Rather than dwelling or worrying about a negative situation in your life, transform your thoughts into something positive. Perhaps someone was rude to you at the grocery store. Or maybe you were served with a legal summons. Perhaps you did poorly on a project for school or work. Maybe you had car trouble or missed an appointment. Whatever the case, what is done is done. It is important to acknowledge this so that you may move forward. Allow the experience to come into your mind. You can express your feelings about it, but then let those feelings go. Do not allow them to linger. When we allow negative emotions to linger, we create stress, anxiety, and depression within ourselves…so, let them go.

Now, take a few moments to think about the facts of the situation from an objective (or higher) perspective. This means: take your emotions and your ego out of it. For some people, this is challenging. But stubbornly holding onto negative energy only hurts one person: You. From a higher perspective, what did you learn from the situation? What did it teach you? Perhaps it taught you what you do not want in your life. Or, perhaps it showed you a new way of doing something. If you struggle with finding anything that you learned, anything of benefit, anything that may be good from the experience, allow your mind to help you create something positive out of your experience.

Remember, your mind and your thoughts have incredible power…use them to your advantage! Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter where we will explore more fabulous techniques for shifting perspective!

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Living a Worry-Free Life...

October 7, 2016

It's a natural human tendency to worry. We have been conditioned to do so virtually our entire lives. We worry about our kids, our job, crossing the street safely, having enough money to buy groceries or pay the bills, whether we are on the right spiritual path in life...and the list goes on and on. What does this worry give us, though? What satisfaction or comfort do we derive from this worry? What benefit does it provide? For something  to which we give so much power, the answer is astonishingly...nothing.

Worry does does not provide comfort, satisfaction, or any benefit to us whatsoever. Instead, it adds to the spiral of negativity and despair in our lives. For truly, that which we worry about only becomes amplified as a result of our worry. Health issues often ensue: tension, nervousness, anxiety, and frustration on the one hand, which may lead to high blood pressure, insomnia, and weight loss or gain on the other hand, for instance. This worry is a function of fear, and this fear is derived from the unknown...what the future may hold for us...that which we cannot see or control.

Believe it or not, we don't need to live this way. We can choose to live fearlessly. As we approach life from a place of love, the worry naturally begins to dissipate. What a blessing! The question then becomes, how do we shift from a pattern of fear-based living to a new habit of living from a place of love without worry?

As we begin to live in the now, in this very moment, we need only set our intentions and take positive steps to create the life we desire.
Fortunately, we have many tools at our disposal. Choose the tools that work best for you and be willing to commit to this practice daily:
1. Have faith in yourself. You can do this! Know within your heart that you can live a worry-free life. Set that now.
2. Ask the angels for support and guidance. Be open to the signs they send to you.
3. Give your cares to God.
4. Take time to meditate so that you may transmute, or change, the energy of fear and worry into peace and love within your heart and mind.
5. Use affirmations designed to eliminate fear from your mind and reprogram your thought patterns. 
6. Get back to nature. Unplug for a moment. Take a walk. Clear your mind by observing the majesty of creation and the beauty that surrounds you.
7. Release control over the outside world. Holding on so tightly to the reigns is a burden. Allow yourself to move with the ebbs and flows of life, instead.    
8. Engage in activites designed to reduce the tendency to worry, such as exercise, drawing, writing, or some other creative or physical endeavor that you enjoy. 

The more your mind focuses on the creative or physical processes in life and the activities that you enjoy, the more positive your thoughts will become. And in the restructuring of these thoughts, you will find a decrease in the amount of time you spend worrying, dwelling on what is to come, or fearing the future. Instead, you will be well on your way to living in the present moment, living a worry-free life based in peace and love Let's embark on this journey today!

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Welcoming Change Into Your Life

September 5, 2016

It's so hard to believe that summer has gone, and Fall is upon us. It is a time of change...our children have returned to school, leaves are beginning to fall, and a crispness will soon be in the air. As such, it is a perfect time to reflect upon what changes we need to welcome into our own lives.

Some people have no trouble adapting to change. But for many others, change is quite difficult to accept. As human beings we tend to like things to be predictable. We like to know what to expect in life. Many of us become uncomfortable with sudden changes to our routines, our relationships, or our careers. In our minds, we carefully construct boundaries within which we want to exist and reject any attempts by outside forces to alter our world.

But sometimes, new energy and experiences come into our lives that we were not necessarily prepared to accept...a change in career, the ending of a relationship, a sudden move, the introduction of an unexpected challenge. Many of us greet these experiences  with  anger, frustration, sadness, or fear. Why me? Why now? Why this?

But truly, change is a constant in life, and it is a recurring part of nature and our very existence. The flower begins as a seed, but soon evolves into a beautiful lily. A building begins as concrete, wood, brick and mortar, or steel, and with hard work and dedication, it becomes a home. As humans, we grow and evolve from babies into adulthood not by chance, but by design. So it is clear, that just as it is with the natural development of all things, change will continuously come and go in our lives.

If we know that change is a natural part of life, a staple of our existence, what can we do to encourage the mind to more easily accept these changes so that we may evolve into a better version of ourselves? For many, this begins with a change in mindset, a restructuring of thoughts, a purposeful allowance of releasing the old and welcoming in the new. For every new beginning is preceeded by an ending, and with every ending comes an opportunity for a beautiful new beginning.

Let's start today! Let us set our intentions to welcome in the new beginnings that are coming our way. Let us release old thought patterns and habits that keep us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically stuck in the past, in unhealthy situations, or in an unfortunate state of arrested development, unable to move forward in a positive direction in life.

Beginning today, let's affirm:
I accept change into my life each and every day.
I welcome in all of the possibilities meant for me.
I release all outdated, stale, or negative thought patterns and habits that keep me from achieving my highest potential.
I release any emotional attachment to a situation or its outcome so that I have space for new experiences to flow into my life.
Whenever necessary, I consciously shift my thoughts to something positive in my life.
I release control over the outcome of situations in my life and make room for the highest good to come in.
I eagerly welcome the new beginnings in my life and see nothing but opportunity and happiness within them.

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A Time For Spiritual Creativity

July 4, 2016

This July is slated to be quite an auspicious time for creativity and expansion in our lives. So many spiritual indicators are pointing to this month as being a great time to get those creative juices flowing! Whatever your preferred method, why not use it to your advantage? What projects have you been considering? What creative force would bring happiness and joy into your life at this time?

Fortunately, creativity comes in many forms. The possibilities are endless! Here are a few examples:

Painting, Drawing, Coloring, Building, Sculpting, Singing, Playing an instrument, Photography, Website Design, Fashion, Crafting, Decorating, Interior Design, Sewing, Dancing, Gardening, Landscaping, Writing Daydreaming, Visualizing, Organizing, Dancing, 

As you contemplate the possibilities, why not take this opportunity to increase your potential? Perhaps you could try some great essential oils to improve focus and enhance your creative edge. (If you’re interested, you'll find a great recipe to try later in the newsletter). Or maybe you could use a little meditation to bring the perfect idea into your awareness. Then again, a peaceful walk in nature could help clear your mind from the chatter and encourage those creative juices to flow. In addition to these ideas, you can always call upon the angels for help…and more specifically, Archangel Jophiel. As the angel of wisdom, art, and beauty, Archangel Jophiel can help illuminate that creative spark within you. This angel’s name literally means the Beauty of God. How perfect is that? Among her many gifts, she can help you bring more beauty and creativity into your world. Connecting with her is as simple as asking that she come into your life today. I hope you’ll enjoy this Spiritual Request to Archangel Jophiel for assistance with stimulating the inspiration, enlightenment, and creative spark that you need to set this month on fire!

Dearest Archangel Jophiel,

I call upon you now to bring beauty and inspiration into my life. When I feel stagnant or unproductive in my endeavors, guide me to the many possibilities that await me in life. Where I see only chaos and disruption in the world around me, help me to create a sense of order and beauty within my own little piece of the planet. If I begin to doubt my gifts and my ability to create the life I desire, encourage me to trust in myself once again. Should I forget the miracle of this life, show me the beauty that lies within me and around me each and every day. And as I awaken to all of the opportunities available to me, inspire me to share my creativity and beauty with everyone I meet.

Thank you for your love and guidance, today and always.

You may wish to repeat this request any time you feel blocked, any time negative energy interrupts the flow of ideas, or any time you need a little inspirational nudge in your life. Try it in combination with the other tools mentioned above or with any other techniques that help you improve your focus, enhance your clarity, and increase the flow of inspiration and ideas into your life. May your July be filled with beauty and creativity!

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The signs are everywhere...

June 4, 2016

So many times in life, we pray for a sign...which job should I take? Where should I move? What career is meant for me? Is it time for a change in my life? Please, just give me a sign! But, the question we really pay attention to the signs we are given?

Amazingly, the signs we seek are all around us. The key is to be open to seeing them! For some, this will take  just a little practice and for others it will simply require that you release preconcieved notions, expectations, limitations, and resistance of any kind.

As human beings, we have journeyed through life learning about what to expect of situations and people and what others expect of us. While in many mundane situations these expectations have helped us navigate the social realms, within the world of Spirit these expecations and limitations can often create a barrier to the guidance and messages we are meant to receive.

So let us release these barriers to Spirit now by first affirming our intentions:

I now release all expectations and preconceived notions about how messages and signs from Spirit come to me.
I reject all limitations that I have knowingly or unknowingly place upon my acceptance of these signs.
I remove all resistance to receiving signs that I may have fostered over the years.
I welcome in all signs and messages Spirit has for me in whatever format Spirit chooses to deliver them.
As these signs and messages begin to flow into my life, I easily recognize and understand them.

The signs will easily flow into your life. You may see repeating number sequences or you may find pennies or feather. You may hear a song at the perfect time that answers a question you have asked or changes your mood for the better in that very moment. Whatever it is, this sign is meant just for you. And truly, sometimes the angels will send these signs to remind you of something, alert your to something, or even point the way...all without you asking! How perfect is that?!


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An attitude of gratitude...

May 1, 2016

You may have noticed that we did not send out a newsletter in April. I was on an exciting adventure in Eastern Europe scouting locations to record meditations, perform spiritual work, and to hopefully one day soon lead spiritual tours. As an experiment, I created a few short meditations that I will soon upload to YouTube as a Brief Eastern European Meditation Series. Overall, the trip provided me with so much insight and history into this region of the world, and provided evidence that truly, we are all one.

Even though I could not speak the various languages I heard along the way, most people tried with great effort to communicate with me. I was so appreciative of their efforts, and I put forth great effort in return and even learned a few words and phases along the way. In the Balkans, the word "Hvala" means thank you. "Hvala" became my favorite word because truly...I was, and still am, so very thankful for everyone I met and every experience I encountered.

The feelings of thankfulness, gratitude, and apppreciation we express in our daily lives produce such amazing benefits as improving mood, amplifying positivity, and increasing abundance in every area of life. If it's this simple, why not use these feelings and benefits to our advantage? I know I discussed this topic in the March newsletter, but it seems like such an important topic in this day and age where so much is taken for granted. So, I invite you to share in the amazing spiritual and physical benefits of thankfulness today. It does not require anything from you that you are not able to give. It requires no equipment, tools, resources, or money...nothing other than a few moments of your time. Here are some ideas to get you started:

I'm grateful for...
Waking up this morning.
The wind brushing across my cheek on a warm day.
The gentle nudge of my pet letting me know she cares.
No traffic on the road when I'm late for an appointment.
Finding change in my pocket when I thought I had none.
The smile from a stranger after a difficult day at work.
The kindness of friends.
The single flower blossoming in my garden.
The loving and giving nature of my spouse/children/parent/family.

The list could go on and on! Do you have time, my darlings? Can you spare five minutes of your life, right now and in this very moment, to express your gratitude for all that you have been given and all that you are able to give. It need not be anything elaborate...just a simple list in your mind. For truly, gratitude is most beautiful in its simplicity., two, three, go...what are you thankful for today? As for me, I'm grateful for you. 

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Rockstar Gratitude 101...

March 1, 2016

Have you ever felt that some people seem to have all of the luck?  Everything just seems to come to, career, love, family, vacations...everything seems so easy for them.  Believe it or not, we all have the ability to welcome into our lives everything we desire.  Here are a few things to remember...

1) Just because you want it doesn't mean it is good for you.  You probably know this one all too well...the boyfriend who was toxic, the dream job that turned out to be a nightmare, the windfall of money at tax time that disappeared before you even realized it was coming.  When you ask the universe to bring something into your life, be sure that you do not place requirements or limitations upon this blessing.  By saying, God...please bring love into my life...and make sure he looks like a movie star...and has a lot of money...oh, and make sure he treats me like a queen.  Well, with those kind of limitations, you may very well get a narcissistic individual who makes you believe he has a lot of money, until you realize it was your money, not his, that he was spending all along.. .and he treats you like the queen to his king out in public, but behind closed doors it's a different experience altogether.  So, first and foremost, learn to be clear about what it is that you want and then, remove your ego from the equation so that only things that are good for you come into your life.

Dear God/Source/All That Is, please bring ____ or something better into my life.  I ask this with the purest of intentions and for my highest good. Amen/And so it is.

2) Expecting good things to walk into your life without putting forth any effort is futile.  Don't sit around and wait for the perfect life...go out there and create it.  Decide what it is you want and take small steps to make it happen.  Always wanted to be a rock star?  Then do something about it.  Take music lessons.  Sign up for karaoke night at a local bar.  Record raw versions of your songs, full of emotion and your own brand of personality, and upload them to YouTube.  Make recordings and share them with friends and family as gifts.  Who says being a rock star means you have to be on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans or that you have to travel and be away from all that you love for months on end during a tour?  Make the effort and be your own kind of rock star today!

3) Gratitude shifts everything.  Often, when people are down, I suggest that they think of all of the things in life for which they have to feel grateful.  Something about the identification and expression of gratitude works to change the connections in our brains and can literally shift your mood in the moment.  It's a simple process.  Just spend 5 or 10 minutes listing everything you appreciate in life...waking up in the morning, a bed to sleep in, being able to use all five senses in daily life, having coffee or water waiting for you in the kitchen, being hugged by your kid before school, receiving a phone call from a long lost friend...whatever you feel grateful for having,  feeling, or that gratitude now.  What you will find over t ime is that the more gratitude you express for the positive things in your life, the more positive things you will find coming into your life.  This isn't a one time deal, though.  Make it a new habit to express gratitude daily.  There is no regret in gratitude, only love.  And why not take this one step further and give thanks for everything that has not yet come into your life?  Proactive gratitude...what a beautiful concept!

As you practice with these techniques, you will find your mood lifting and your outlook improving.  Things in your life begin to shape up.  You begin to feel the positive energy flowing easily into your environment and into your heart.  The things you desire in life begin to find their way to you and you welcome them with open arms.  For truly, you ARE a rock star in everything that you do!  Start feeling it, and express your gratitude today!

Increasing the possibilities with affirmations...

February 1, 2016

Affirmations can play an important role in your life if you just give them a chance. From changing the way you view the world to restructuring your thoughts, affirmations can provide you with that little extra support when you need it most. As we move into the last month of winter, we can set the stage for a fertile Spring with the thoughts and ideas we begin instilling in our minds today. Here are a few affirmations to get you started. I hope they inspire you to create your own for increased abundance, creativity, and productivity in the coming months.

I welcome new thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

All that I need comes to me in the perfect time.

I easily learn new ways to release stale, toxic and negative energy from my life.

I easily complete each task that is required of me in a timely manner.

I fill my heart with gratitude on a daily basis.

As you practice creating your own affirmations, be sure to write them in the present tense and only use positive statements for maximum effect.

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