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We can all use a little help from time to's just a part of being human. Some of us are in search of wisdom or knowledge, while others hope to find a solution to a problem or relief from suffering. Whatever the reason, help is right here waiting for you.

What is it you want to change or welcome into your life? What burning questions remain unanswered? What guidance or insight do you need at this time? Is there some topic you want to learn more about?

Feel free to browse through this site as you continue your search...for answers, wisdom, healing, compassion, or just simply...understanding.

About Me

Learn about my background, education, interests, and a few of my favorite things!


My meditations combine tools such as guided imagery, visualization, relaxation, hypnosis, and soothing background music to assist with a variety of everyday concerns such as anxiety, stress, negativity, healing, protection, releasing, angelic guidance, finding answers, and so much more.


Peruse my affirmations, quotes, prayers and uplifting images or scroll through the posts on my social media accounts for more inspiration.


My publications currently include one self-help/spiritual book and a 4-book young adult metaphysical fiction series.

Psychological Services

Learn more about the counseling, consultation, meditation, and court services that I provide.


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