Gale Minchew, PhD

Author, Psychologist, Lightworker, Wife, Mom, Friend...but not necessarily in that order!

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When I began my college career, I had every intent of studying law.  Instead, I decided to pursue psychology and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas.  I quickly found there is very little one can do in the clinical field with only a bachelor's degree in psychology.  I found employment within the business arena and believed the field of human resources would quench my thirst for helping others; thus, I went on the earn a Master of Science degree in Human Resources and Training from Amber University. While there, I enrolled in counseling courses with the intent of attaining a second master's degree in counseling.  After starting my family, I decided to pursue a higher degree in the field of psychology rather than completing the second master's and began my doctoral training.  I received a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Capella University and now work alongside my husband, a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

In my clinical/counseling practice, I work with patients experiencing a wide range of behavioral and/or emotional issues ranging from ADHD, anxiety and depression, to more serious mood disorders such as Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder.  Some of my patients display maladaptive personality characteristics or need assistance working through divorce and custody issues, to include informal mediation, when possible.  Some may need life coaching or consultation to assist with major life decisions while others need behavior modification to adjust their responses to certain stimuli.

Regardless of the purpose of the visit with me, my goal is always to help my patients work through whatever issues they bring to me and empower them to make choices that will have a positive effect on their lives.  I use an eclectic approach but tend to lean towards brief solution-focused therapy when possible.  Each approach is tailor made to suit the individual and his or her concerns.

In addition to traditional therapeutic approaches, I also teach relaxation training and conduct guided meditations to include visual imagery and focused attention.  These techniques are intended to assist with a variety of issues, including stress reduction, self-esteem, PTSD, and mood regulation, for example.  It is my belief that the mind has a powerful connection to the body and can effect significant change to the health and wellbeing of the client when utilized properly.

In the past I provided psychological evaluation and counseling services for a mostly child/adolescent population within a private clinical setting where  I also assisted in the assessment of alleged juvenile sex offenders within the juvenile justice system.  Later, I provided psychological assessment and counseling to residents of several skilled nursing facilities, with a range of issues from dementia and mood disorders to socially maladaptive behaviors.  I quickly found that many of these residents craved validation and recognition as a human being.  As such, I strive to interact with everyone I meet with this in mind.

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