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The Air of Transformation

There is an air of transformation afoot.  As our world and the people who reside here continue shifting in ever changing ways, I can't help but marvel at the beauty that is all around us.  It is true that some do not see this beauty or have been stagnant in life for so long while others have endured hardship and heartbreak one after the other.  But, life was not intended to be lived in negativity and stagnation.  Rather, we are amazing beings capable of so much love and compassion perfectly designed to live life to the fullest.  Why then do we dwell on the shadows, negative emotions, or troublesome thoughts and actions? 

Perhaps we have forgotten or rejected our path, or no longer feel worthy of all of the rewards and goodness this life has to offer.  The past is in the past and can no longer be affected by the present.  It is time to let it go and forgive.  You are worthy of everything you desire and regardless of what mistakes may be made along the way, you deserve to live a beautiful, rich life.  Instead of focusing on the negatives, take back your power and accept who you are meant to be.  Step into the path of change and let your transformation bring you back into alignment with your true self and everything you desire in this life.  Doesn't the caterpillar experience isolation and self-preservation before he transform into a beautiful butterfly, only to fly away on the winds of change?  Spread your wings, Dear is time for your transformation.

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