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Tips on shifting perspective

Life is ever changing. As you grow from childhood into adulthood, you experience many transformations along the way. Some shifts come quite easily. Many are gratefully welcomed. But still other changes are met with confusion, disappointment, regret, anger, or despair. Unfortunately, the more you struggle against these changes, the more discomfort you feel in your life. But there is always hope. You can shift the way you view these changes by creating change of your own…a change in your perspective. And truly, when you shift perspective, the way you view a situation or experience, you can shift your entire world. Are you ready to get started?

Over the next couple of newsletters, we will explore several techniques you can use to accomplish the goal of shifting perspective. There is no single “right” way so begin by first freeing yourself of any limitations or expectations about the process. Affirm: I welcome in all of the changes meant for me in this moment and release my ego need to control the outcome of this experience. Okay, great! Now let’s try out the first technique…one of my favorites!

Thought Creation – This technique involves changing your thoughts in the very moment of experience. Rather than dwelling or worrying about a negative situation in your life, transform your thoughts into something positive. Perhaps someone was rude to you at the grocery store. Or maybe you were served with a legal summons. Perhaps you did poorly on a project for school or work. Maybe you had car trouble or missed an appointment. Whatever the case, what is done is done. It is important to acknowledge this so that you may move forward. Allow the experience to come into your mind. You can express your feelings about it, but then let those feelings go. Do not allow them to linger. When we allow negative emotions to linger, we create stress, anxiety, and depression within ourselves…so, let them go.

Now, take a few moments to think about the facts of the situation from an objective (or higher) perspective. This means: take your emotions and your ego out of it. For some people, this is challenging. But stubbornly holding onto negative energy only hurts one person: You. From a higher perspective, what did you learn from the situation? What did it teach you? Perhaps it taught you what you do not want in your life. Or, perhaps it showed you a new way of doing something. If you struggle with finding anything that you learned, anything of benefit, anything that may be good from the experience, allow your mind to help you create something positive out of your experience.

Remember, your mind and your thoughts have incredible power…use them to your advantage! Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter where we will explore more fabulous techniques for shifting perspective!

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