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A ripple of positivity...

August 26, 2017

Over the past month, there has been so much intense energy in the air! With the Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, 8-8 Lion’s Gate, Planetary Retrogrades, and so much more happening astrologically in August, I’ve noticed that emotions have run high and behavior seems incongruent in many ways. Some will s…

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The power of visualization

March 19, 2017

Over the past few newsletters, we have been exploring techniques for shifting perspective. There are so many options for doing so, we need only choose one and let the shifting begin. So far, we have discussed thought creation, setting intentions, and releasing limitations. One of my favorite techniq…

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Tips on shifting perspective

November 6, 2016

Life is ever changing. As you grow from childhood into adulthood, you experience many transformations along the way. Some shifts come quite easily. Many are gratefully welcomed. But still other changes are met with confusion, disappointment, regret, anger, or despair. Unfortunately, the more you str…

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