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A ripple of positivity...

Over the past month, there has been so much intense energy in the air! With the Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, 8-8 Lion’s Gate, Planetary Retrogrades, and so much more happening astrologically in August, I’ve noticed that emotions have run high and behavior seems incongruent in many ways. Some will say it is all coincidence while others will say it’s difficult to ignore the correlation between these events and the emotional/behavioral outbursts we’ve seen, both at home and across the globe. Regardless of the source, instead of giving in to these negative energies, we can choose to focus within. We can engage in self-reflection and discover how these energies affect us with the overall goal of minimizing any negativity that may abound and identify ways to infuse life with positivity.

So, with this in mind, I did just that, and during my self-reflection, I realized that my tendency to procrastinate was selectively elevated this month as I focused all of my attention on a new project. I found that so much of my time and energy was diverted into this one single project… (continue reading here - )

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