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Choosing love over judgment...

It’s easy to fall into the trap of judging another who is not like you…from the most basic aspect as hair color, financial status, or disability to the intangible constructs of ideas, dreams, desires, and beliefs. Recently, I was criticized…no, accused…of not being Christian…as if that is a requirement to even exist in this world. And it didn’t stop there. I was accused of talking to angels and the devil. Wait…what? These individuals had a copy of my Life Purpose book, complete with a stack of neatly paper clipped photocopied excerpts to prove their accusations. I did not argue with them…only observed their demeaning tone and long glances down their nose at me. For truly, what could I say that would change their minds?
I was surprised by the hostility, hurt by their perception of me, and yes, shocked that in the 21st century this form of bullying and persecution still exists. Perhaps that’s a little dramatic, but I want to make a point: Judgment need not be the foundation of our interactions with others. I admit, it took me a few days to process this event and clear myself of their negativity, and truthfully, I still have a little work to do. But, I send them love…as well as compassion and forgiveness for their ignorance. They clearly know nothing about me yet they stand in judgment of me. I cannot force them to change their minds, but I can choose to not be exposed to their negativity any longer. I can choose to send them love and pray that everything works out in their highest good. I can choose to ask God to soften their hearts and guide them down the path of love for all of God’s children, regardless of differences. I can choose to forgive. And, I can choose to continue being true to myself…to just being me.
You see, my faith is not up for debate. My personal relationship with God is my own. No one can dictate to me the qualities of any one religion, especially when they cast stones at all others. And truly, no one can assert that I am or am not a Christian or any other faith. For truly, each and every one of us defines our own faith. I understand that my spiritual path may not be the path another soul chooses. I accept this with grace and love and have come to understand that each soul has its own needs and desires regarding faith.
So today, I encourage you to stand tall in your faith... (continue reading here - )

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