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Time to let love in...

For many, February is celebrated as the month of love and romance. You see it everywhere: along the candy aisles, the floral shop, and in advertisements for romantic dinners. The mantra is the same every year: love is in the air. It has been marketed this way for as long as most of us can remember. As children, one of the first “angels” we encountered was really no angel at all, but rather the Roman god of romance …Cupid. We made valentine cards in primary school and decorated them with cute little cherubs with bows and arrows. Classrooms were filled with construction paper hearts in pinks and reds while cookies and cupcakes awaited excited little hands. We delivered our valentines with shy giggles, hoping the one we adored felt the same way, too.

But then, as we moved through life, we began to realize that this was not really the way “love” worked. A cherub doesn’t swoop down from the heavens to shoot an arrow of love into our hearts. Indeed, some found themselves in bad situations, failed relationships, or partnerships that weren't meant to be...searching, praying, bargaining, and hoping... 

While some found lasting love, others found only learning experiences. Many felt frustration as disillusionment began to set in. Some moved from relationship to relationship trying to find “the one”…their soul mate or twin flame...while others moved beyond the disillusionment only to live with indifference in their hearts. Unfortunately, still others fell into deep despair.

But this isn't necessary. Although myriad myths and legends about love abound, it's important to remember that love is a gift and a Divine right afforded to all of humanity. The Universe does not exclude anyone from this gift; rather, we choose to exclude ourselves. Some have a deep seated feeling of undeserving…or fear…or unworthiness…or embrace an overall limiting belief system.

For those who carry feelings that suggest you are not deserving, worthy, or good enough for love, it is time to release this baggage. For those who allow only negative relationships into your life because you feel that you cannot have anything better, it is time to release this, as well. And for those who fear love, it is time to put your trust in something bigger than yourself…confront your fear, and allow love into your heart.

But, for those who embrace a limiting belief system, we have a little extra work to do. Harboring a limiting belief systems means that you put restrictions and limitations on how, when, and in what form love comes to you. You may dictate the character and attributes of love, at times without even realizing you are doing so.

Additionally, you may wish to decide the time and location that love will appear. If this love isn’t convenient for you or does not fit into your timeline, then you may believe it is not an acceptable love. For example, you may say to yourself: after I graduate...once I pay off my bills...I only want someone who lives in my hometown.

Forgoing the limitations you have set does not mean you must settle for less than or second best, however. Instead, removing these limitations means that you put your faith in God’s hands…allow the Universe, Source, or the Divine to work out the details for you and have confidence that all will be done for your highest good.

Once you begin to understand what may be affecting your ability to attract lasting love in your life, it is important to set your intention. You might say: As of right now, I set my intention to welcome real love into my life.

Once you set this intention, commit to releasing past hurts and memories of failed relationships. For truly, these experiences represent not failure, but learning experiences…examples of what you do not want in your life so that you can welcome in what you truly do want in your life…real love. As you release the past, you will find that you have more room in your heart…and more space to welcome in the love you desire.

To encourage this process, you can pray, use affirmations, or offer spiritual requests to the angels…real angels such as Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love and peace or Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. An example  of such a prayer or request might include:

Please help me open my heart to love. Guide me to this love, and allow me to see the signs pointing the way. Remove from my path all illusions of love, all facades, all individuals who do not have intentions of the highest light. Remove from my mind all demands or limitations that I once harbored about this love. Illuminate for me only those hearts of pure intent. Help me welcome love into my life now and always. With love and gratitude...

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