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The power of visualization

Over the past few newsletters, we have been exploring techniques for shifting perspective. There are so many options for doing so, we need only choose one and let the shifting begin. So far, we have discussed thought creation, setting intentions, and releasing limitations. One of my favorite techniques is visualization. I don’t know about you, but I am a very visual person. I love the beauty and aesthetics of everything: the colors, textures, and lighting; nature, people, and architecture; patterns and how things fit together; the organization of items or groups; and of course, the flow of energy.

When using visualization as a technique for shifting perspective, we need only use the limitless creativity of our own mind…that ever-present imagination…to bring change into our lives. It’s simple, but society has made it seem so difficult. It’s somewhat of a travesty really. In childhood, we are taught to value our imagination, but as we move into adulthood, we are expected to be serious and leave our imagination behind to languish alone on the forgotten swing of some distant playground in our mind. Instead, we’re conditioned to approach life with logic and rationale.

Fortunately, we can change this. We can infuse every situation in life with that carefree and joyful approach we used in childhood, including moments when we need to shift perspective. Our mind has the power to change our moods on a whim. Why not harness this power when we need it?

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