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Life doesn't always go according to plan...

June has been a beautifully busy month! I planned a quick trip to Florida to see my co-author, Karen Lovero, and take photos/videos for future use in meditations and spiritual messages. And, while not initially on my agenda, I ended up booking a workshop in Ft. Myers on Past Life Healing…how amazing is that?

This experience reminds me that sometimes life works out differently than we plan. Like me, you’ve likely been in this “boat” a time or two in your life, as well. Perhaps you made an elaborate plan only to find that some outside force stepped into your world for a moment and unraveled everything. Or maybe like me, your journey included a very specific goal, but you ended up adapting your plan to include other people or experiences, too.

Some people adapt to these changes quite easily while others struggle with the uncertainty. Personally, I walk a fine line between the two. On occasion I embrace the changes to my plans and recognize that there is some important lesson or experience that I need while at other times I struggle because I have put so much effort into scheduling and what I THINK is in my best interest.

However, over the years I have learned that it is so much more peaceful to flow with the changes and disruption to my plans rather than fight against them. Growing up, my mother was very much a scheduler, bless her heart. She thrives in this kind of environment and I learned to work with it, as well. However, upon marrying a man who thrives on “flying by the seat of his pants”, I had to learn to adapt, meet in the middle, and find some common ground so that my level of stress would not overshadow my enjoyment in life. In the almost 20 years of our marriage, I’ve learned to schedule and plan, but also to be open to change…aware of the possibility of outside forces…and willing to adjust my schedule, as necessary. As the old saying goes... (continue reading here - )

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