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Rockstar Gratitude 101...

Have you ever felt that some people seem to have all of the luck?  Everything just seems to come to, career, love, family, vacations...everything seems so easy for them.  Believe it or not, we all have the ability to welcome into our lives everything we desire.  Here are a few things to remember...

1) Just because you want it doesn't mean it is good for you.  You probably know this one all too well...the boyfriend who was toxic, the dream job that turned out to be a nightmare, the windfall of money at tax time that disappeared before you even realized it was coming.  When you ask the universe to bring something into your life, be sure that you do not place requirements or limitations upon this blessing.  By saying, God...please bring love into my life...and make sure he looks like a movie star...and has a lot of money...oh, and make sure he treats me like a queen.  Well, with those kind of limitations, you may very well get a narcissistic individual who makes you believe he has a lot of money, until you realize it was your money, not his, that he was spending all along.. .and he treats you like the queen to his king out in public, but behind closed doors it's a different experience altogether.  So, first and foremost, learn to be clear about what it is that you want and then, remove your ego from the equation so that only things that are good for you come into your life.

Dear God/Source/All That Is, please bring ____ or something better into my life.  I ask this with the purest of intentions and for my highest good. Amen/And so it is.

2) Expecting good things to walk into your life without putting forth any effort is futile.  Don't sit around and wait for the perfect life...go out there and create it.  Decide what it is you want and take small steps to make it happen.  Always wanted to be a rock star?  Then do something about it.  Take music lessons.  Sign up for karaoke night at a local bar.  Record raw versions of your songs, full of emotion and your own brand of personality, and upload them to YouTube.  Make recordings and share them with friends and family as gifts.  Who says being a rock star means you have to be on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans or that you have to travel and be away from all that you love for months on end during a tour?  Make the effort and be your own kind of rock star today!

3) Gratitude shifts everything.  Often, when people are down, I suggest that they think of all of the things in life for which they have to feel grateful.  Something about the identification and expression of gratitude works to change the connections in our brains and can literally shift your mood in the moment.  It's a simple process.  Just spend 5 or 10 minutes listing everything you appreciate in life...waking up in the morning, a bed to sleep in, being able to use all five senses in daily life, having coffee or water waiting for you in the kitchen, being hugged by your kid before school, receiving a phone call from a long lost friend...whatever you feel grateful for having,  feeling, or that gratitude now.  What you will find over t ime is that the more gratitude you express for the positive things in your life, the more positive things you will find coming into your life.  This isn't a one time deal, though.  Make it a new habit to express gratitude daily.  There is no regret in gratitude, only love.  And why not take this one step further and give thanks for everything that has not yet come into your life?  Proactive gratitude...what a beautiful concept!

As you practice with these techniques, you will find your mood lifting and your outlook improving.  Things in your life begin to shape up.  You begin to feel the positive energy flowing easily into your environment and into your heart.  The things you desire in life begin to find their way to you and you welcome them with open arms.  For truly, you ARE a rock star in everything that you do!  Start feeling it, and express your gratitude today!

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