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An attitude of gratitude...

You may have noticed that we did not send out a newsletter in April. I was on an exciting adventure in Eastern Europe scouting locations to record meditations, perform spiritual work, and to hopefully one day soon lead spiritual tours. As an experiment, I created a few short meditations that I will soon upload to YouTube as a Brief Eastern European Meditation Series. Overall, the trip provided me with so much insight and history into this region of the world, and provided evidence that truly, we are all one.

Even though I could not speak the various languages I heard along the way, most people tried with great effort to communicate with me. I was so appreciative of their efforts, and I put forth great effort in return and even learned a few words and phases along the way. In the Balkans, the word "Hvala" means thank you. "Hvala" became my favorite word because truly...I was, and still am, so very thankful for everyone I met and every experience I encountered.

The feelings of thankfulness, gratitude, and apppreciation we express in our daily lives produce such amazing benefits as improving mood, amplifying positivity, and increasing abundance in every area of life. If it's this simple, why not use these feelings and benefits to our advantage? I know I discussed this topic in the March newsletter, but it seems like such an important topic in this day and age where so much is taken for granted. So, I invite you to share in the amazing spiritual and physical benefits of thankfulness today. It does not require anything from you that you are not able to give. It requires no equipment, tools, resources, or money...nothing other than a few moments of your time. Here are some ideas to get you started:

I'm grateful for...
Waking up this morning.
The wind brushing across my cheek on a warm day.
The gentle nudge of my pet letting me know she cares.
No traffic on the road when I'm late for an appointment.
Finding change in my pocket when I thought I had none.
The smile from a stranger after a difficult day at work.
The kindness of friends.
The single flower blossoming in my garden.
The loving and giving nature of my spouse/children/parent/family.

The list could go on and on! Do you have time, my darlings? Can you spare five minutes of your life, right now and in this very moment, to express your gratitude for all that you have been given and all that you are able to give. It need not be anything elaborate...just a simple list in your mind. For truly, gratitude is most beautiful in its simplicity., two, three, go...what are you thankful for today? As for me, I'm grateful for you. 

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