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The signs are everywhere...

So many times in life, we pray for a sign...which job should I take? Where should I move? What career is meant for me? Is it time for a change in my life? Please, just give me a sign! But, the question we really pay attention to the signs we are given?

Amazingly, the signs we seek are all around us. The key is to be open to seeing them! For some, this will take  just a little practice and for others it will simply require that you release preconcieved notions, expectations, limitations, and resistance of any kind.

As human beings, we have journeyed through life learning about what to expect of situations and people and what others expect of us. While in many mundane situations these expectations have helped us navigate the social realms, within the world of Spirit these expecations and limitations can often create a barrier to the guidance and messages we are meant to receive.

So let us release these barriers to Spirit now by first affirming our intentions:

I now release all expectations and preconceived notions about how messages and signs from Spirit come to me.
I reject all limitations that I have knowingly or unknowingly place upon my acceptance of these signs.
I remove all resistance to receiving signs that I may have fostered over the years.
I welcome in all signs and messages Spirit has for me in whatever format Spirit chooses to deliver them.
As these signs and messages begin to flow into my life, I easily recognize and understand them.

The signs will easily flow into your life. You may see repeating number sequences or you may find pennies or feather. You may hear a song at the perfect time that answers a question you have asked or changes your mood for the better in that very moment. Whatever it is, this sign is meant just for you. And truly, sometimes the angels will send these signs to remind you of something, alert your to something, or even point the way...all without you asking! How perfect is that?!


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